Raj, contemplating leaving an abusive relationship, needs legal advice regarding custody of his children and his rights.

Raj visits the Lawgecko website and uses the chatbot to inquire about legal assistance. He is directed to resources and local legal aid services that specialize in IPV cases, and he schedules a consultation with a recommended attorney.


Raj is a concerned individual who is seeking legal assistance due to an intimate partner violence (IPV) situation that he or someone he knows is experiencing. He visits the Lawgecko website in search of legal guidance and resources to address this pressing issue.


Raj accesses the Lawgecko platform through his preferred device and navigates to the section that offers legal assistance and resources for IPV cases.

User Flow:

  1. Accessing Lawgecko: Raj accesses the Lawgecko website, which is designed to be user-friendly and easily navigable.
  2. Inquiring About Legal Assistance: On the Lawgecko homepage, Raj finds a prominently displayed option to inquire about legal assistance for IPV cases. He clicks on this option to initiate his inquiry.
  3. Engaging with the Chatbot: Upon selecting the "Inquire About Legal Assistance" option, Raj is connected to a chatbot specifically trained to provide guidance in IPV cases. The chatbot engages in a conversation with Raj to better understand his specific needs and situation.
  4. Gathering Information: The chatbot asks Raj a series of questions to gather essential information, such as the nature of the IPV situation, whether Raj is seeking help for himself or someone else, and the geographical location of the issue.
Providing Legal Resources:
  1. Local Legal Aid Services: Based on the information provided, the chatbot generates a list of local legal aid services and organizations that specialize in IPV cases. It provides contact details, including phone numbers, emails, and office addresses, making it easy for Raj to reach out for assistance.
  2. Resource Materials: The chatbot also offers links to relevant resource materials, such as legal guides, brochures, and articles on IPV and the legal rights of survivors. These materials help Raj better understand the legal aspects of IPV.
Recommendation and Consultation Scheduling:
  1. Attorney Recommendation: After reviewing the information gathered from Raj, the chatbot recommends a specific attorney or legal service provider known for their expertise in handling IPV cases. The recommendation is based on the user's location and specific needs.
  2. Scheduling a Consultation: Raj is given the option to schedule a consultation with the recommended attorney directly through the chatbot. He can choose a convenient date and time for the consultation, and the chatbot assists in confirming the appointment.
  3. Confirmation and Follow-up: Once Raj schedules the consultation, he receives a confirmation email with details of the appointment, including the attorney's contact information and the consultation date and time. The chatbot also offers to send reminders closer to the scheduled date.

Raj's visit to the Lawgecko website proves to be a valuable resource in his quest for legal guidance and support in an IPV case. The platform's chatbot efficiently collects information to understand Raj's unique needs, connects him with local legal aid services, and recommends a knowledgeable attorney. Raj successfully schedules a consultation with the recommended attorney, providing him with a concrete plan for seeking legal assistance in addressing the IPV situation. This seamless and supportive experience empowers Raj to take the necessary steps to address the issue effectively and seek justice.

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