Emma, experiencing a threatening situation at home, urgently needs advice and support.

Emma accesses Lawgecko via her smartphone. She quickly connects to the chatbot on WhatsApp, where she receives immediate guidance on creating a safety plan and is provided with information on local shelters and emergency services.


Emma is a young woman who finds herself in an urgent and distressing situation. She is experiencing intimate partner violence (IPV) and needs immediate assistance to ensure her safety and well-being. Emma has access to her smartphone and is seeking help through Lawgecko, a legal and support platform.


Emma accesses the Lawgecko platform via her smartphone, and she is greeted with a clear and user-friendly interface. Recognizing the urgency of her situation, she navigates to the "Immediate Crisis Assistance" feature on the platform.

User Flow:

  1. Accessing Lawgecko: Emma opens her smartphone and accesses the Lawgecko website or app. She is immediately presented with options for different types of assistance.
  2. Choosing "Immediate Crisis Assistance": Emma selects the "Immediate Crisis Assistance" option, indicating the urgency of her situation.
  3. Connecting to WhatsApp Chatbot: Upon selecting "Immediate Crisis Assistance," Emma is seamlessly redirected to a WhatsApp chatbot, where she can receive immediate support. This integration ensures a familiar and accessible platform for her.
Engaging with the Chatbot:
  1. Safety Planning: Emma explains her situation to the chatbot. The chatbot, designed with empathy and understanding, guides her through the process of creating a personalized safety plan. It asks her questions to assess her immediate safety concerns, such as whether she needs to leave her current location, whether there are any immediate threats, and whether there are children involved.
  2. Local Resources: The chatbot provides Emma with information on nearby shelters, safe houses, and emergency services. It offers details such as addresses, phone numbers, and directions to these resources. Emma can access this information discreetly on her smartphone.
  3. Legal Rights: In addition to safety planning and resource information, the chatbot briefly outlines Emma's legal rights and options. It mentions the possibility of obtaining a restraining order or seeking legal assistance, empowering her with essential knowledge.
  4. Real-Time Assistance: Throughout the conversation, the chatbot ensures that Emma feels supported and validated. It provides real-time responses to her questions and concerns, making her feel less alone during this critical moment.
  5. Emergency Contacts: If Emma's situation escalates or if she requires immediate intervention, the chatbot provides a list of emergency contacts, including local law enforcement and crisis hotlines, that she can call for help.
  6. Follow-up Support: Once Emma has received the necessary information and guidance, the chatbot offers her the option to receive follow-up support through text messages or further assistance from professionals, such as legal experts or social workers.

Emma, in her time of crisis, receives immediate and invaluable assistance through the Lawgecko platform's "Immediate Crisis Assistance" feature. The WhatsApp chatbot not only guides her in creating a safety plan but also equips her with crucial information about local shelters and emergency services. Emma feels empowered and supported, knowing that she has access to resources and a platform that cares about her well-being. This real-time assistance provides her with a lifeline to safety and helps her take the first steps towards escaping her abusive situation.

Empathy in Action

Lawgecko: Bridging Hope and Help in IPV Challenges