Immediate, Confidential Support for IPV Survivors

At Lawgecko, our mission is to offer accessible, empathetic support to Intimate Partner Violence survivors. We aim to empower and guide you toward recovery, respecting your cultural values and individual journey.

Our story

Lawgecko's Milestones: A Journey of Innovation and Support in IPV Advocacy...

2015 • January

Concept and Research

The vision for Lawgecko is established, focusing on aiding IPV survivors. Extensive research is conducted to identify the core needs and design an app that provides confidential support and resources.

2017 • March

Design and Development

The Lawgecko app enters the design and development phase, with a focus on user-centered design principles to ensure ease of use, privacy, and accessibility.

2019 • December

User Testing and Launch

After rigorous user testing and iterative improvements based on feedback, the Lawgecko app officially launches, offering a chat interface and a directory of resources for IPV survivors.

2022 • March

AI Integration

Lawgecko begins the integration of advanced AI to enhance the chatbot's empathy and responsiveness, providing personalized and intelligent support for users.

2023 • December

Expansion and Enhancement

The app expands its reach with multilingual support and further develops its features, including comprehensive safety planning tools, establishing Lawgecko as a leader in IPV support solutions.

Our vision

At Lawgecko, we envision a world where support and empowerment for survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV) is just a message away. Our vision is to revolutionize how individuals facing IPV access help, offering a bridge to freedom, safety, and recovery.

Our Services

Chatbot Support

Immediate assistance and advice on IPV issues, available 24/7.

Legal Assistance

Connect with local legal services for advice on protective orders, custody, and more.

Therapeutic Resources

Links to therapists and support groups that respect and understand your cultural and personal background.

Empathy in Action

Lawgecko: Bridging Hope and Help in IPV Challenges